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Can I Animate a Bar of Soap?

The talented Kevin Parry recently shared a new stop motion animation experiment/instructional video. “So I have a bit of an obsession with animating household objects,” said Parry. “It's a super fun way to learn about animation - hopefully I can teach…a thing or two by making these kinds of vids!“

For this project, Parry challenges himself to animate a bar of soap. “I show you how I turn a regular bar of soap into a stop-motion puppet and the process of how I bring it to life through animation.”

The video at the end of the post is a must-see for StopMotionPlanet readers as it’s yet another opportunity to hear an animator describe his/her motivations and methods. Parry explain his rig and green screen setup and shows how he created three different soap puppets up to achieve his vision.

In the video, Parry encourages beginning animators to attempt household-object animation experiments like these with a plan to communicate an idea. He maintains that there’s no better way to learn how to use motion to create a performance. Other highlights to be gleaned include Parry’s description of his thought process that goes into communicating the performance in every single frame and when he uses a loop of the soap flip and a camera lens cap to answers one of everyone’s primary questions; how much to move the object being animated between frames.

“A lot of people ask me how to get started in stop motion animation and I always tell them the same thing,” said Parry. “‘Animate household objects.’ See what kind of character you can create. Use motion to create a performance, to create character. If you can use motion to turn any object into any character then you can be an animator.”

Uploaded to Youtube by Kevin Parry.

Brett HughesComment