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Monday Classic - King Kong makes his appearance (1933)

Uploaded by YouTuber Movieclips

Published on Dec 28, 2016

Ann (Fay Wray) is sacrificed by the island's natives to be Kong's new bride.

The film introduces us to flamboyant, foolhardy documentary filmmaker Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong), who sails off to parts unknown to film his latest epic with leading lady Darrow in tow. Disembarking at Skull Island, they stumble on a ceremony in which the native dancers circle around a terrified-looking young girl, chanting, "Kong! Kong!" The chief (Noble Johnson) and witch doctor (Steve Clemente) spot Denham and company and order them to leave. But upon seeing Ann, the chief offers to buy the "golden woman" to serve as the "bride of Kong." Denham refuses, and he and the others beat a hasty retreat to their ship. Late that night, a party of native warriors sneak on board the ship and kidnap Ann. They strap her to a huge sacrificial altar just outside the gate, then summon Kong, who winds up saving Ann instead of devouring her. Kong is eventually taken back to New York, where he breaks loose on the night of his Broadway premiere, thinking that his beloved Ann is being hurt by the reporters' flash bulbs. Now at large in New York, Kong searches high and low for Ann (in another long-censored scene, he plucks a woman from her high-rise apartment, then drops her to her death when he realizes she isn't the girl he's looking for). After proving his devotion by wrecking an elevated train, Kong winds up at the top of the Empire State Building, facing off against a fleet of World War I fighter planes.

TM & © Warner Bros. (1933)
Cast: Noble Johnson, Fay Wray
Directors: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack
Producers: David O. Selznick, Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack
Screenwriters: James Ashmore Creelman, Ruth Rose, Merian C. Cooper, Edgar Wallace, Leon Gordon

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Battery Life - A short film and a behind-the-scenes

Battery Life is a stop motion short film that tells a story of determination, self-sacrifice, and deceit. Set in a dystopian desert landscape, a robot family, through the test of tragedy, discovers a dark secret hidden behind the doctrine of a preacher.

Battery Life is our introduction. A film to say, “Here we are.” We are a team of people willing and able to work hard for something we believe in, something we think is really cool. And we did just that. On a budget of only $5000 (crowdfunded and out of pocket), we created this ten minute, thirty-five second stop motion film.

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Uploaded by Vimeo User Battery Life


A peak into what animating Battery Life has been like.

For more behind the scenes photos and videos, check out #batterylifefilm on twitter and instagram.

Uploaded by Vimeo User Justin A Nixon

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Lego Time!

Uploaded by Vimeo User AMAA Productions

--It's been a while since we posted some lego stop motion.  The wait is over!--

William Shatner, in a time traveling robot, attempts to destroy William Shakespeare but underestimates the fighting prowess of Action Bill.

Listen to Nick Longoria's soundtrack here:

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Intellisense Kickstarter uses stop-motion for STEM education

Youloaded by YouTuber Intellisense Education

Published on Mar 27, 2017


Engaging science through stop motion animation. These kits are designed to help deep understanding of scientific topics through playing. Sign up for our Kickstarter campaign at


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Here are a couple of stop motion animations using Skittles. Mmmmmm...

Uploaded by YouTuber Jeff Back

Uploaded on Nov 5, 2009

A Skittles motion my friend and I made for our Art & Technology Class using Stop Motion Animation. It took about 8 hours of taking photos and over 400 photos, not to mention a couple thousand Skittles.



Uploaded by YouTuber AnnieTimeYouWant

Uploaded on Jul 19, 2008

Skittle stop motion animation.

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Monday Classic - Dreams of Toyland (1908)

Uploaded by YouTuber BFI

Just a quick note: there is no music/sound.

Uploaded on Jul 20, 2009

Arthur Melbourne Cooper's animation showing a boy's dream of his toys coming to life uses a live action framing device for the dream sequence which uses stop motion techniques to animate a child's toys.

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