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Oscar-nominated stop motion film 'My Life as a Zucchini' just in time for Oscar weekend

Published on Jan 24, 2017

GKIDS proudly presents the official trailer for the new English version of MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI, the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-nominated film that has moved audiences across the world. The film's new English version features the voices of Will Forte, Nick Offerman, Ellen Page and Amy Sedaris. Both English dub and the original French with English subtitles will be offered in theaters when the film opens February 24. To find a theater near you, visit

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Watch as animator battles his own animation in: Maker vs. Marker

Published on May 1, 2013

Round 1...FIGHT! Maker vs Marker is a stop motion fight between animator and animation taking place on a whiteboard. Based from the Street Fighter Series with elements of DBZ, Transformers, The Matrix and the unintentional SSBB.

Download at iTunes - M vs M Official Soundtrack by Brian Sadler: 

Animation by Jonny Lawrence
Music by Brian Sadler

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"Operator is a stop motion animated short film about a man named Bob, attacked by a bio-mechanical parasite, fighting for his life and family against forces much greater than himself.... read more and website below the fold."

"I was inspired to make this film by a few things, cordyceps mushrooms which infect and control the minds of ants, causing them to climb up as high as possible so that when the mushroom finally bursts from the ants head the spores are spread as far as possible by the wind. Secondly, "parasitic ideas" - such as ideologies designed by cults or oppressive regimes explicitly to weaken and control the holders of such beliefs, and the callous mechanization of corporate bureaucracy. sprawling bureaucracies in super massive organizations can have so many moving parts and conflicting interests that no human maintains real control. Operator follows the plight of one man, Bob, fighting for his life and family against forces much greater than himself."

Directed By Sam Barnett
Voice By Alejandra Bursik-Cervantes

Official Selection:
Screamfest 2013 
Horrible Imaginings 2013

The New America

A few frames still remain for purchase here:

"The New America" is a short animation in which every frame was created by laser engraving its unique artwork onto a solid block of maple. Once complete, the entire sequence of +800 frames was then photographed and assembled into this motion piece.

This piece was funded by really kind friends and supporters via Kickstarter. After many unforeseen issues and delays, the entire process took about two years.

As seen in the video, each frame is unique. Aside from the design of each frame itself being distinct, small variances that naturally occur in the laser engraving process as well as the different wood grain of each frame naturally created subtle shifts of the position of the artwork. An effect that I was particularly interested in and that could naturally be achieved in digital assembly, but that I was much more excited about re-creating with real objects.

The music was carefully crafted by my amazing friends at World Gang -

The abstract storyline showcased in this piece is a concoction of a variety of ideas and can perhaps be described as a union between concepts and experiments born during the Situationist movement and real life events experienced during the last few years in American society. Particularly the duality between the economic downturn and the shift in values and beliefs of many citizens.

If you decide to purchase one of these frames, please note that I will randomly select one of them. Please, do not request a particular frame.

* The credits at the end are for sale.