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Distortion • A Stop Motion Animation by Guldies

Uploaded to YouTube by Guldies.

Guldies is back on YouTube with a remarkable new animation. “This one took a loooong time because I've been studying AND animating at the same time,” he said upon uploading.

The different materials and textures that appear to transform from one to the next are so convincing thanks to brilliant use of sound and clever, subtle wobbles and smears. The movement is so smooth and the lack of any trace of animation on the surface of the clay makes the animation extremely “convincingly invisible.”

The final product consists of “2500 still pictures played at 24 frames per second,” said Guldies. “(Each image was) shot with a Canon EOS 600D and animated in Dragonframe. The clay I used is called Plastalina. Everything (was) edited in Photoshop CC and Sony Vegas Pro. Sound effects (were) recorded with a Blue Yeti and also taken from”

Uploaded to YouTube by Guldies.

Want to get to know the animator better and learn about his technique for achieving the bouncing effect seen throughout Distortion? Check out this informative tutorial from the artist himself. Also, should you be interested, you can browse his YouTube page for more animations and how-it-was-made videos.

Guldies, who actually goes by the name Alexander, is an artist from Sweden who says he “I fell in love with art and animation. Stop motion and sculpting is what I live for, and is also what I want to make a living from.” You can support Guldies by visiting his Patreon page. 

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