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Kickstarter Campaign uses Stop-motion For STEM education

Intellisense from Budapest, Hungary is kickstarting a product aimed to teach children different science concepts through stop-motion movie making!

Images from Intellisense  Kickstarter  campaign

Images from Intellisense Kickstarter campaign

Intellisense, a software technology specialist company, focuses on STEM subjects and ways to teach/learn science though different software. They are most known for products like LabCamera, Matek, Fizika and ClapMotion. Cut N’ Learn is a brand new product line that the Intellisense team has been really excited to work on and bring to the market. Here is what they have to say about Cut N' Learn:

Children are fascinated about movie making and animation creation which gives the idea to integrate stop motion animation into Science education. We provide ready-to-go animation kits to children, with which they can create spectacular animations in a very short time, within 30 minutes.

With the help of these Stop Motion Science kits, children can learn about different science topics while they animate and have fun without even realizing that they are learning. The kits contain all the necessary elements, scientific explanations and an innovative stop motion app with a built in image stabilization system allowing kids to snap pictures from hand, instead of using a holder, eliminating one of the pain points of stop motion.

We love anything to do with stop motion and are thrilled that this company is finding a fun and innovative way to use stop-motion to educated children. Please consider making a contribution to their Kickstarter campaign here!!!

Watch their Kickstarter video on our Daily Animation page!!!

Massachusetts based company hosts a stop-motion workshop!

North Andover CAM, a broadcasting and media production company, is hosting a stop-motion animation workshop this week through April 21st.


Located in North Andover, MA the company is focused on giving those in their local community opportunities to create their own video and multimedia content. Once of the ways they are doing that is through a week long stop-motion animation workshop. Below is an overview of the class from their event on Facebook.

April Vacation - Stop Motion Animation Workshop
Learn how to animate using classic stop motion techniques and create your very own cartoon.
Sign up early! Workshops fill up fast!
All production materials are included, but feel free to bring extra materials you might want to use. Like lego, action figures, barbies, art supplies, etc.
This workshop will run during April Vacation.
April 17th - 21st
10am - 2pm
Members - $40
Non-members - $40
This workshop is for grades 4 through 8
Email Susan at or call the studio at (978)687-6570 for more information.

Visit their Facebook page to learn more about the company and see some pics of the workshop.

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Laika will be featured at Portland Art Museum
By M.O. Stevens at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia; Transfer was stated to be made by User:Werewombat., Public Domain,

By M.O. Stevens at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia; Transfer was stated to be made by User:Werewombat., Public Domain,

Laika has been busy recently with a merchandising announcement earlier this month and now a showcase coming to the Portland Art Museum.

“Portland Art Museum and Northwest Film Center are thrilled to partner with LAIKA to present the wonders of this distinct enterprise,” said Brian Ferriso, The Marilyn H. and Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Director and Chief Curator of the Portland Art Museum. “LAIKA at its core is an artistic endeavor that embraces the past and infuses it with a 21st-century vision. LAIKA’s aesthetic vocabulary continues to be shaped by the people and uniqueness of this special state.”

Live in the Portland area or visiting between OCT 14, 2017 – MAY 20, 2018? Check out their website here to hear more about the showcase!

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Crowd funded stop-mo film to be shown at Aspen Shortsfest.

Bartleby from By the By Productions is scheduled to make it's debut at Aspen Shortsfest tomorrow afternoon. Creators Laura Naylor and Kristen Kee based this stop-motion film off the Herman Melville book, Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street. 

It began as a dream when the pair met while working in a finance tower. After they complete a script in late 2015 they looked toward crowd funding on Kickstarter in April of 2016. Naylor and Kee had this to say about their project,

Bartleby is a classic tale of how to waste one’s life in a modern office. And of how to stop doing that. Sort of. Our story begins as a handful of motley attorneys putter away in their open office cubes, led by a limp, uninspiring boss -- until Bartleby arrives(!). And with him the notion of opting out. Of saying nope, no, I don’t think so. Actually, I would prefer not to. I would very much prefer not to. What is a boss to do…? Let’s not spoil the ending.

Rather than hire a voice over actor to bring the dialogue to life, Naylor and Kee used post production effects. They allowed the typed words from the book to spew from the puppets they created. Stop motion is a very time consuming and precise process, "Every ~8 second shot (that takes a day to shoot) is rife with risks -- that we will bump the table and have to start the shot all over, for example."

If you are able to catch this short in person you should!!! In the meantime watch the trailer below and visit their Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

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stop motion commercial for a credit card
Image downloaded off the internet (Images: aqua credit card)

Image downloaded off the internet (Images: aqua credit card)

An animation studio in London, Mummu, creates a 30 second stop motion commercial spot for the Aqua credit card.  Click here to link to an article on the Animation World Network website to read what they had to say, then check out the commercial below. Enjoy!

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New to Netflix in April includes this stop-motion hit from Laika

As if Netflix wasn't already the perfect excuse to curl up on the coach for a Saturday night movie or binge watching session. They recently announced that Kubo and the Two Strings will be available on April 8th!! Stop-motion giant Laika (Boxtrolls, ParaNorman, Coraline) created another masterpiece with this movie. It follows a young boy named Kubo, who must locate a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit from the past. Check out the trailer below or watch a behind the scenes clip to see how Laika brought Kubo and the many characters to life.

Want to know what else is coming to Netflix in April? Visit this comprehensive list of Netflix's New to April listings at

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Benjamin Moore ad

We found an ad that was made to promote a new line of paint for Benjamin Moore.  It was done in a life-sized, brightly lit white room.  The company showcased their new Century paint using stop-motion to make the room appear to paint itself. The final image was turns out to be... well, we can't give that away! Click here to view the ad on our Daily Animation page!

The ad this stop motion reminded us of the a post we made back on Jan. 13 of 2012 ([Gulp]: The world's largest stop-motion animation).  Check that one out here!

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stop-motion was a key component in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Uploaded by YouTuber Star Wars

Everyone has seen the Star Wars movies.  Well, that's not true.  We still run into people who haven't seen any of the Star Wars films.  That's almost mind-boggling!  Well, for those who have seen the Star Wars films (hold your judgement on the good and the bad, please), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back had some memorable stop motion in it: the AT-AT's.  Yes, those huge, menacing, mechanical All Terrain Armored Transport.  They slowly and methodically made their way to the Rebel Base and Hoth causing the mass evacuation that ensued.  Those lumbering machines were done with stop motion.  A behind-the-scenes clip is on the left.  Click on the AT-AT Walker image below to read a brief acticle about the AT-AT work, from Mar. 13 last week, at the Popular Mechanics website.  Enjoy!

-Zone Aficionado

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Eddie Redmayne lends his voice to this first look at Aardman Animations new stop-motion film

Early Man is the newest project that Wallace and Gromit creators, Aardman Animations is working on. Today they offered us a first look at the film by releasing a teaser trailer. Previous films like Chicken Run and The Curse of the Ware Rabbit, Nick co-directed with Peter Lord and Steve Box respectively.

Dug (voiced by Eddie Redmayne) is a caveman leading his tribe against Lord Nooth (voiced by Tom Hiddleston). This endeavor marks a first for Nick Park as sole director of a feature film. Unfortunately for Dug his tribe seems less than adept. In the trailer we see them running frantically away from the very bunny Dug was attempting to hunt. Set at the dawn of time, when dinosaurs and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, Early Man tells the story of how one plucky caveman unites his tribe against a mighty enemy and saves the day!

Visit the trailer on our Daily Animation page to check it out!!

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