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stop-motion was a key component in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

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Everyone has seen the Star Wars movies.  Well, that's not true.  We still run into people who haven't seen any of the Star Wars films.  That's almost mind-boggling!  Well, for those who have seen the Star Wars films (hold your judgement on the good and the bad, please), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back had some memorable stop motion in it: the AT-AT's.  Yes, those huge, menacing, mechanical All Terrain Armored Transport.  They slowly and methodically made their way to the Rebel Base and Hoth causing the mass evacuation that ensued.  Those lumbering machines were done with stop motion.  A behind-the-scenes clip is on the left.  Click on the AT-AT Walker image below to read a brief acticle about the AT-AT work, from Mar. 13 last week, at the Popular Mechanics website.  Enjoy!

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