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Celebrity Deathmatch Returns


MTV Studios formed in June 2018 and quickly announced plans to reboot network classics such as Aeon Flux, The Real World, Daria and - great news for the stop motion community - a fresh take on Celebrity Deathmatch.

The show’s first run of 75 episodes originally aired from 1998 to 2002 and saw claymation versions of famous people airing out their grievances in a mix of wrestling, boxing and MMA-style fighting.

Deathmatch was the meme before memes,” said MTV, VH1, and CMT president Chris McCarthy in a statement (via Variety). “[It] remains a hot topic on social media and will be a smart, funny way to tackle the over-the-top rhetoric of today’s pop culture where it belongs – in the wrestling ring.”

Uploaded by YouTuber Antonio Volante.

Creator Eric Vogel will executive produce the latest version of Deathmatch along with Ice Cube and his production company Cube Vision. A Claymation Ice Cube will also appear in the show, and not for the first time since Ice Cube and Ice T two faced off in a frozen rapper battle during the original run.

Look for the debut in 2019 on MTV and on streaming services.

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