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Primal Rage 2, sequel to a mid 90s stop-mo animated video game, is now available for online play

If you enjoyed different combat style games common in the 90s then you might have played Primal Rage. The game featured stop-motion animated dinosaur like characters that were pitted against each other in a 1 v 1 battle to the death. Similar to that of any Mortal Kombat with which most growing up in the 90s are also very familiar. Watch the making of video of Primal Rage below.

But did you know there was supposed to be a Primal Rage 2? It was slotted to come out in 1996, but was cancelled shortly after it's 1995 announcement. There is at least one arcade style set up in the world that surfaced in 2012, but now it's available via an emulator for anyone that what's to give it a go! Click here to check out Primal Rage 2.

Scott CulpepperComment