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Stop-motion animation is still a relevant art form even in a world where cgi is king

Check out this recent post from Grant Phillips on about the art of stop-motion and it's future in the movie industry. He does a great job bringing to light some of this art's history and how stop-motion can be relevant moving forward. He definitely hits the nail on the head in talking about how collectives of artists, animators and storytellers are more important than the works of an individual. In today's movie making process, CGI definitely seems to be the standard. However, collectives like Laika and others could (as Phillips put it), "counterpunch Hollywood’s now-digitized “gold standard” of animation production."

Keep pushing the art of stop-motion and work together in groups to progress this time honored tradition of animation.


image from  Dragonframe  of rotoscoping/chromakeying capabilities

image from Dragonframe of rotoscoping/chromakeying capabilities

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