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Doctor Puppet Episode 1 - The Red X

Uploaded by YouTuber Nerdist

Published on Mar 29, 2013

The Doctor Puppet, based on Doctor Who, finds a strange note on his TARDIS that leads him on a mysterious adventure. Who will he meet along the way?

The Doctor Puppet is a lovingly handcrafted fan tribute made in New York City.
What classic Doctor Who characters do you want to see as puppets?
What times and places should the Doctor Puppet visit in his TARDIS? 

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Emilie Simon - "Franky's Princess"

Uploaded by YouTuber InterSessions

Published on Jul 4, 2012

╠ INTERSESSIONS : la nouvelle scène folk, pop, rock et alternative • La bande son de vos semaines au rythme de nos errances sonores.

Franky's Princess - Emilie Simon - Clip Officiel
Clip de l'album 'Franky Knight' d'Emilie Simon sorti le 5 decembre 2011. Clip réalisé et monté image par image, personnages conçus par Gerlando Infuso.
Label : Végétal

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Paddingon - Please look after this bear

Uploaded by YouTuber Abbey Home Media

Uploaded on Dec 14, 2011

This DVD includes 15 great episodes following the adventures of Paddington Bear. The well-meaning, but accident-prone bear from Darkest Peru in his blue duffle coat and old bush hat. Paddington has had a great many adventures since he first arrived in England, but then, as he admitted to Mr and Mrs Brown when they first came across him on Paddington Station, 'Things are always happening to me -- I'm that sort of bear!'

This is the first of four outstanding DVDs that contain the complete Paddington Bear Original TV series. Created by Michael Bond it was first broadcast in 1975 and has remained a British favourite ever since.

  • License - Standard YouTube License


Uploaded by Vimeo User Animatorio

Transformation trough mutations stages. Evolution as a function gain is called neomorphic. 
Imaginary creatures adapt into an Ecosystem and the transformation of these habitats for these creatures generates a fantastic cycle.
The mutation symbolism is part of our experiences in that trajectory, changing places, finding a new spectrum, a new phase, evolving.
Neomorphus is the second movie created for the series of free mini-shorts named Praepostere, the first being "Adiantum pedatum" - made with stop-motion technique with the theme of unusual developments in a morbid visionary.