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Rubik's Cube Smash Ultimate Tribute

Uploaded to Instagram by  gold.a.cubes .

Uploaded to Instagram by gold.a.cubes.

Whether you’re a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan or not, you’ll appreciate the work A Cheung put into animating this tribute to the recently-released video game sensation.

“It took me about 10 hours including planning, filming, and post processing,” said Cheung as The Gold A on Reddit.

Like most stop motion projects, it wasn’t without some difficulty. “Once, I realized the focus was off and had to redo some frames. (Later) I messed up Mario's overalls and had to redo some frames. When I realized Mario's overalls were even more messed up than I thought, I decided to just leave it. When I solved one of the display cubes on the side, (I) realized there was no way I could put it back the same. (I) decided to go with it and add random motions here and there…to add a little bit of additional aesthetics.”

You can find more animations like these on Cheung’s Instagram page, to which he generally posts weekly. There he describes himself as a creator of stop motion animations, a speedcuber-turned-puzzle-enthusiast and “part time model for some reason.”

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