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Uploaded to Instagram by franticframes.

76 days ago on November 2, 2018, animator Ben Treat began uploading stop motion shorts to his franticframes Instagram page.

Daily uploads. As in every day. And he hasn’t missed a day since.

This first linked animation, Planet Earth (January 4, animation number 64), took around six hours to create. “I used the Stik Bot app to create this on an iPhone 6,” explained Treat. “The Earth was created using cardstock paper, and the camera was supported on a sheet of glass suspended two feet in the air.”

Uploaded to Instagram by franticframes.

The sixteen year old, self-taught Treat has been animating for two years with the goal of inspiring others. “I started after seeing an animation by PES, and decided to try myself,” he said.

Treat plans on continuing his daily animations and perhaps working on some short films. He encourages viewers to DM him on Instagram with inspiration or to visit fiverr for information on ordering a custom stop motion.

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