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What's Inside my Dollhead?

Uploaded by YouTuber dinaa amin

Designer/Animator dina Amin from Cairo, Egypt recently shared the latest in her imaginative and provocative Tinker Friday series with Stop Motion Planet.  

"Tinker Friday is a series of stop motion animations I started on Instagram in 2016," says Amin. "As a product designer I loved creating products but I hated how most of the things we produce end up being thrown away, so I accidentally started this series where I take a random 'thrown away' product apart, on Fridays, animate it and show people what's inside it in an unusual way. I made over 30 videos since then and this is how I taught myself stop motion animation.

"Hope you enjoy watching the things I see inside my head...and inside my dolls head!"

For more information and to view more of Amin's videos, please visit:

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