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Stop Motion using a White Board

Published on Sep 7, 2008

September 7th, 2008
Stop motion animation by Peter Dang, Uland Lau, Dong Vo

649 pictures
1 month and 1 week of work

Peter Dang (cinematographer) 
-"Expo pens + midnight Taco Bell = stop motion"

Uland Lau (hand model)
-"Thar she blows."

Dong Vo (counterstrike addict)
-"I GOT AN IDEA!...... I vote peter do it."

Intro duck- Peter and Dong
Sparkle hands- Peter's hands; Dong's drawings
Football- Peter's drawings
Magic Cards- Dong's drawings; Uland's hand
Pokemon trainer- Peter's drawings
Droping seeds- Peter's hand; Dong's drawings
Big bird flying- Uland's drawings
Small birds- Dong's drawings

Uploaded by YouTuber pokeydoodle6

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