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Stop Motion Animation put to the Words in a Song

My first animation ever.
It's a video I did for a school project [long ago], set to Tom Waits' "The Piano Has Been Drinking".

It could be better, but it's done, on schedule.
It was my first shot at stop-motion, and everything was done by me: the puppets, the set, furniture*, clothing*, props and so on; also directed, shot and edited by me, obviously. (*someone helped me with some of the wooden stuff -the counter and tables- and another someone with a couple of clothes).
I recycled/reutilized a lot; only the clay and wire for the puppets and some of the wood were bought specifically for the film (keeping the budget at a minimum).

It allowed me to experiment with a lot of things. (I basically had never made anything with fabric in my life, I didn't know how to build any kind of puppets, or how to do stop-motion, as well as some other stuff I managed to get done). So my project ended up throwing a bit of pretty much all of my school's departments in the mix (film, sculpture, textiles, wood, design - with the set and everything -, graphic design - with the dvd cover and label I did -, etc.)

Unfortunately I had to butcher the song: I cut out some parts [making it even with three equal parts before each chorus] that weren't "talking" much or that would give me bigger problems. After all (and specially if you're on a shedule), a few less seconds of animation save you long hours of hard work.
Apart from the opening scene, that I shot in a different way first (and the falling cigarette obviously), everything was on first take - it's not like it doesn't show! (I really was running short on time, so, I had to convince myself 'ok that's good enough')

I feel the video is a bit "speedy"... But well, it's not bad, and more importantly, it's Mine. 
Enjoy! =)

Uploaded by Vimeo User S.P.

Scott CulpepperComment