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Monday Classic - Chip the Wooden Man

Published on Jul 5, 2013

Chip The Wooden Man in The Land of Wooden Soldiers (c.1928)
Kinex Studios
Distributed by: Kodak Cinegraph
Cartoon Characters: Chip the Wooden Man, Two Dinosaurs, Soldiers.
Directed By John Burton.
Animated By John Burton.
Originally Released in 1928 (estimated)

Chip and his dinosaur wander over to a fort, where they watch wooden soldiers march in formation. Chip wants to enter the fort, but the guards won't allow his dinosaur in, so the dinosaur transforms into a small ball of clay. After entering the fort, a much angrier dinosaur breaks through the brick wall and attacks the guards. Later, trying bayonets and cannon against the creature, the soldiers run for their lives. Chip's dinosaur regains his original shape, and the two dinosaurs battle it out.

Music by Karkoff Orchester Blüten in Rot Derby Flotter

  • License - Standard YouTube License

Uploaded by YouTuber Gerald Santana

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