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A Music Video Using Photo Cut-outs in Stop Motion

Uploaded by Vimeo User Vu Hoang

Song: Love Drama by Sam Kang
Download Song:

VIDEO FACTS (Behind Scenes Coming Soon)
This is a stop motion animation music video that was entirely handcrafted. No special effects or green screen.

7 months
3-4 man crew (majority of the project)
3000+ photos shot frame by frame (stop motion)
All photos were printed and individually hand cut
All props, toy models, and landscapes were hand crafted
Entire video was re-shot frame by frame (stop motion) using all the above

Equipment: Canon 7D and Canon 17-55mm F/2.8 Lense


Directed by
Vu Hoang (
Joe Cheung (

Produced by
Michael Cheng
Vu Hoang

Director of Photography: Joe Cheung
Production Designer: Michael Cheng
Editor: Joe Cheung

Executive Producer: Chaos Theory Music
Co-Producer: Phillip Youn
Lead Cast: Sam Kang & Jennifer Field

Original Music: Sam Kang
First Assistant Director: Matt Maislin
Assistant Art Directors: Grady Justice, Priscilla Liang and Matt Young

Additional Photo Cutters: Jon Cheung, Anne Do, Sarah Jay, Tammie Utn Le, Cammy Ngo, Ngoc Ngo, Bryan Wintroub

Special Thanks: 
Todd Angkasuwan
Kevin Boston
Truc Bui
Abe Chung
Tiffany "TC" Chung
Chris Mac
Rob Pinkston
Byron Qiao