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Zey The Mouse • Episode 5

Uploaded by YouTuber Ian Harding

Ian Harding is back with a brand new episode of his stop-motion animation series Zey The Mouse. 

Harding's trademark beautifully-crafted sets and props provide a whimsical backdrop for 'Who's Playing The Game,' a sci-fi fantasy animation in which something amazing happens to Zey and his pal Dylan when they go to buy a new computer game. 

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AWAY (music video)

Uploaded by YouTuber The Disused Yeti

Artist Tim Matthews' work embodies the joy of stop-motion heuristic learning. Matthews admires low-budget ingenuity and likes stop-motion to be a little "ragged around the edges." You'll see influences such as (and homages to) Oliver Postgate and Terry Gilliam in his work.

When asked to describe his style, Matthews likened his work to "slightly more elaborate day-dream doodles around the themes of (my) lyrics. I try to devise surreal, dynamic visuals which are challenging to create but hopefully end up easy on the attention span."

In AWAY, Matthews explores a variety of stop-motion styles to animate another of his original songs. 

Sharing a sentiment with all Stop Motion Planet fans, Matthews says he finds stop-motion "very Zen, creatively rewarding and (I'm) simply in love with the medium. My humble goal is to keep pushing myself to develop, improve and hopefully entertain anybody else who wants to watch along the way."

Keep it up, Tim!


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Time Machine - Things I Like To Do

Uploaded by YouTuber Glow Like This

Check out this music video for Time Machine's "Things I Like To Do" track from their third studio album, "The Test of Time." It was written and directed by artist and director Deepti Menon who created a lively and fun 2D stop-motion animation that reflects the song's vibrancy and wit. The animation was achieved with paper puppets and found materials using After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro. Learn more about Deepti Menon and her artwork.

The video is the single from Time Machine's new album "The Test Of Time," available June 22nd. Check out more of Time Machine on:


How To Make A Puppet Film in Your Garage

Uploaded by YouTuber Deeson

Squirrel Island creator Astrid Goldsmith's presentation on "Alternative Methods of Animation Film Production" speaks to the soul of the traditional stop-motion animator. Goldmsith is engaging and candid as she examines her working process from storyboarding to animating and editing outside of a traditional modern studio set-up; the importance of collaboration; and finding alternative sources of funding and distribution. 

If you haven't yet seen Squirrel Island, be sure to check out Goldmsith's Kickstarter success story that was seven years in the making.  It's a stop-motion sci-fi action thriller about squirrel apartheid. "When a lone renegade grey squirrel and a hunted acorn find themselves trapped on a hostile and mysterious red squirrel island, they uncover a horrifying plot that threatens their future." It was shot on 16mm with a 1969 Bolex in Astrid's garage in Folkestone. Since completion in 2016, it has won several awards, was BAFTA long-listed and has been shortlisted for best animated film at many international film festivals.

The Planet Inspector

Uploaded by Youtuber Clay Day

In this stop-motion animation, Planet Inspector Zezo is tasked with examining Earth. After finding the horrors of factory farming, he comes up with a creative solution that gives the animals the life they deserve.

8 Stop Motion Tricks in 2 Minutes

Eight truly brilliant tips and tricks for stop motion animation filmmakers. Puertas opens the studio door to reveal various materials, lighting and animation techniques to achieve stunning effects. As Puertas said, "I use these techniques everyday." 

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Animation Studio

Uploaded by YouTuber Edu Puertas

30 Last Things About Me

Uploaded by YouTuber Greg Chipelski

And thus, the 3 year trilogy finally comes to an end. Here are "30 Last Things About Me" from Greg Chipelski. The wrestling scene earns this video a spot on Stop Motion Planet.

"I tried to use different styles such as stop motion segments and techniques to make it entertaining for various audiences," said Chipelski.

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"Pool Scum" Stop Motion Series

Uploaded by YouTuber Movie Mountain

EPISODES 1-3 OF POOL SCUM edited together for your viewing pleasure. Set in California in the illustrious 80s, POOL SCUM follows the showdown of two arch nemeses on the path to backyard pool greatness. Made by Movie Mountain. Check them out on Instagram @moviemountain and Patreon


Audio 1:58 - 2:46 - Open Your Heart/Non-Stop - The Human League #poolscum

Join Movie Mountain to show your support.

Also don't miss the "making-of" video for a behind-the-scenes look at production:

Uploaded by YouTuber Movie Mountain



Director of Photography and Special Effects Supervisor: Matt Emmons
Lead Fabricator and Set Builder: Kai Korsmo
Animator: Kyle Stephens
Wardrobe and Puppet Builder: Alexa Schreck
Miniature Botanical Wizard: Timothy Huntington
Matte Painting: Adam Burke
Sound Design: Warren Lee
Additional Help: Shelby Menzel, Henry Annand, Tucker Gorman, Mel, David Wien, and Phillip Annand
Director: Foster Huntington

What's Inside my Dollhead?

Uploaded by YouTuber dinaa amin

Designer/Animator dina Amin from Cairo, Egypt recently shared the latest in her imaginative and provocative Tinker Friday series with Stop Motion Planet.  

"Tinker Friday is a series of stop motion animations I started on Instagram in 2016," says Amin. "As a product designer I loved creating products but I hated how most of the things we produce end up being thrown away, so I accidentally started this series where I take a random 'thrown away' product apart, on Fridays, animate it and show people what's inside it in an unusual way. I made over 30 videos since then and this is how I taught myself stop motion animation.

"Hope you enjoy watching the things I see inside my head...and inside my dolls head!"

For more information and to view more of Amin's videos, please visit:

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