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Behind the Scenes of Plants

Peek at the making of Kelli Anderson’s stop-motion film, inspired by Marie Caudry’s original artwork for Plants.

Over months of night-owl shoots—6,000 photographs!—Kelli and her partner, Daniel Dunnam, cut and fashioned a forest entirely out of paper: 400 tiny leaves, 500 blades of grass, and 25 squirrels.

Plants is the second app in Tinybop’s Explorer’s Library, a series for curious kids ages 4+.

Get Plants on the App Store:

Directed, shot, and edited by Jacob Krupnick:
Kelli Anderson and Daniel Dunnam:
Music by Symbolized:

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An iPad on a White Board

(And here is one more with the white board theme...)

24 hours of capturing and a few hours of editing.

Awards: Stop Motion Award. 2nd place.

Equipment: Canon 600D (Rebel T3i) with Canon 50mm f/1.8 II

Thanks to Walker Lukens for letting me use his song "Dear Someone".

Uploaded by Vimeo User Carl Tengström

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Stop Motion using a White Board

Published on Sep 7, 2008

September 7th, 2008
Stop motion animation by Peter Dang, Uland Lau, Dong Vo

649 pictures
1 month and 1 week of work

Peter Dang (cinematographer) 
-"Expo pens + midnight Taco Bell = stop motion"

Uland Lau (hand model)
-"Thar she blows."

Dong Vo (counterstrike addict)
-"I GOT AN IDEA!...... I vote peter do it."

Intro duck- Peter and Dong
Sparkle hands- Peter's hands; Dong's drawings
Football- Peter's drawings
Magic Cards- Dong's drawings; Uland's hand
Pokemon trainer- Peter's drawings
Droping seeds- Peter's hand; Dong's drawings
Big bird flying- Uland's drawings
Small birds- Dong's drawings

Uploaded by YouTuber pokeydoodle6

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More with Stop Motion on... Toilet Paper

Published on Feb 20, 2012

Stop motion animation with toilet paper. 
Music & Video by Dobre Ideje / Ognjen Ivanovic / Dragana Momcilovic

Sequel "Paper guy in love":





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  • License - Standard YouTube License

Uploaded by YouTuber Good ideas

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Monday Classic - The Sand Castle (1977)

Uploaded by YouTuber NFB

Published on Jan 12, 2015

This short animated film features the sandman and the creatures he sculpts out of sand. These lively creatures build a castle and celebrate the completion of their new home, only to be interrupted by an uninvited guest. Cleverly constructed with nuance, the film leaves interpretation open to the viewer. The film took home an Oscar® for Best Animated Short Film.

Directed by Co Hoedeman - 1977

  • License - Standard YouTube License

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Very Nice Stop Motion Tests

Various stop motion animation tests. January 2015, Paris, France.
Material used: 160g/sm colored paper, foam board, glue, neodyme magnets, iron foil.
No postproduction except video editing.
Music by Professor Kliq

Uploaded by Vimeo User Remi Chambran

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