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Changing Seasons

(Earlier this month we had put up a couple of stop motions we found with changing seasons.  Well, we went looking for a couple more. Here is the first one...)

I made this stop-motion animation all by myself for an animation production class. It took around 4 days in total, and I did everything by hand. I used paper cut-outs on construction paper, and designed all the sets and characters myself. I used black pipe cleaners for the arms and legs, and manipulated them frame-by-frame to create an animated effect. I used a regular digital camera, moved the arms and legs, the rain and clouds in separate frames and took several individual pictures (413 pictures to be exact). Then put everything together with Final Cut Pro. Filmed in its entirety in a small makeshift studio in my room.

Inspired by someone I met this summer who completely changed my life. It's a Christmas present for him, telling a story of us through the seasons. I love you, thank you for supporting me throughout this stressful and lengthy project despite not knowing I was making it for you haha :)

Hope you enjoy it, send it to someone you love, spread the word.

Song: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

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